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Recipe finder in this pretty marbled cookie, one half of the dough is almond-flavored like the traditional biscotti di prato, and the other half is chocolate/coffee flavored.

Capsule report: we’ve been munching on almondina biscuits for several years now. they satisfy the need for something tasty and crunchy when we’re counting calories—they have just 34. but they’re an excellent biscuit, in the biscotti sense of the word—a dry, twice-baked cookie—on their own.

Oh, please, please, please, i beg you, figure out the almondina cookie recipe! i love them beyond all logic and reason, and i haven’t the faintest idea how to make them. my kids beg for ‘em…pretty please?

A cook from nanaimo, b.c. this is a great biscotti recipe. the only problem is, with the exception of the ginger, these are very much like the almondina sold at gourmet stores for a small fortune. they were awesome. when i made the recipe i thought y'all were nuts - 1 cup of flour to all those almonds and ginger?!!

Thin delicious biscotti; award winning almondina cookies. great selection. free shipping. recipe for biscotti biscotti cookie recipe

Almondina® biscuits - the official website and online store of almondina - the delicious cookie without the guilttm.

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| Almondina Biscotti Recipe | | Championship Chili Recipes |