| Ponderosa Sweet And Tangy Dressing Recipe | | Pumpkin Alcohol |

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    as asked: recipe to make in half i'd like to cut a recipe in half, but i'm not sure how to do this so it works out. can i get some help. subscribe to "ponderosa steakhouse sweet and tangy salad dressing recipe "
  • | barbeque dutch oven recipe |; | sweet potatoes and bananas. carrot no-calorie dressing. tangy buttermilk dressing. mock thousand island dressing. creamy vinaigrette; eva purple ball, red ponderosa, indian moon and a dozen other cook onion and green pepper in reserved dressing in skillet
  • Find recipes for sweet 'n' tangy salad dressing and other course recipes. get all the best recipes at taste of home. recipe directions: in a blender, combine all of the ingredients; cover and process until smooth. rate sweet 'n' tangy salad dressing recipe

Cook and cool pasta. mix sour cream and dressing and milk (let sit 2 hours). mix together onions, peppers, celery, meat and pasta. mix with dressing. mix well. chill at least 2 hours. tags: ponderosa steakhouse recipes chinese imperial palace sweet and sour sauce

Link to this recipe sweet tomatoes red white and blue potato salad ponderosa steakhouse twice baked potatoes

Benihana ginger salad dressing new! chi-chi's sweet corn cake ponderosa's steak sauce new!

  • Results 1-10 of 135,866 for recipes with penne, imitation crabmeat, ranch dressing, green pepper, onions, celery, sour cream, milk and with keywords 'ponderosa steakhouse seafood penne pasta salad recipe' (0.237 seconds)
  • The ponderosa; sweet bbq chicken breast and the choice of: st. louis ribs or sliced beef tri-tip. includes choice of 4 sides and drinks for $15.95 per guest. cole slaw ; green and red cabbage, carrots in a sweet & tangy dressing.
  • Recipe of the day one of the favorite places for our family to eat is ponderosa; second on the list is probably the golden corral. for those of you not familiar with these places, i love ponderosa, but they closed the 2 stores in my town. love the sweet and tangy salad dressing. haven't found anything like it

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| Ponderosa Sweet And Tangy Dressing Recipe | | Pumpkin Alcohol |

  • I love this salad--it's creamy and sweet and tangy and crunchy and altogether delish! however, i refuse to reprint a precise salad recipe, as i believe you should use as much or as little of an ingredient as you prefer, and you may wish to add or omit or substitute dressing (this is easily enough for 4 to 6 entree salads):

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