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I posted this on the quebec sub forum but apparently either all the canucks keyboards are frozen or maybe i should have posted in french! anyway,

One of montreal's famous brasserie (french for "small eating place") restaurants, au pied de cochon,

2- the sauce. here’s a basic recipe for poutine sauce: 1 quart stock of chicken or veal; 2 ounces of flour; 2 ounces of butter or oil; salt and pepper to taste

  • 3 - poutin saucethis is the hard part for anyone from europe or even usa but if you need some poutine sauce recipe i found some on google.!
  • "this recipe will do for two persons, or one very very hungry lion. it's a if available, pick a pouch of 'french fries sauce' mix or 'poutine mix'. in other cases, you can
  • You can find the recipe for poutine sauce under beef veloute sauce. add fried onions and ground beef to the sauce and you got yourself a bourguignonne poutine.

This isn't the real canadian poutine recipe - you use cheese curds instead of shredded the bbq sauce has to be thick, we have poutine sauce back home (a mix between gravy

Recipe. in the basic recipe for poutine, french fries are topped with fresh cheese curds, and covered traditional poutine sauces (mélange à sauce poutine) are sold in quebec's

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Try bacon gravy and poutine - you'll thank us later.

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