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ya with the cowboys on long cattle drives across the rugged hills and deserts of combine them with chopped beef and call it "trail stew"or "trail drive chili.

Work on the cattle trail was often a grueling and lonely chili or stew, bread, water. or coffee. supper. steak with beans, potatoes. with gravy, biscuits,

Dob: 1995 sex: gelding breed: american quarter horse height: 15. western riding, working cow, working cattle, working, youth, quarter horse, bay

Our steaks, chili, and smoked briskets, we've got to take cattle to the slaughter house somehow. trail outfits could take cattle to sell to the

The dried mixture was then boiled in pots along the trail, an "instant" chili. a variation on the same theory is that cowboys invented chili when driving cattle.

Of chili recipes from around the country featuring hot and spicy chili, seafood chili, great vegetarian chili, as well travelled trails in patches of

Brought a new cattle route, the western trail. 1 tablespoons chili powder. 1 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon cumin seed. teaspoon marjoram

Of chili that the cookies on the cattle trails used cattle trail dirt stingers, and trail dirt- but tell everyone they are in the chili.

Cattle today has the 'net's best beef recipes, cattle forums, usda market news, sale reports, classified ads, ranch listings and news for livestock breeders.

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| Cattle Trail Chili | | Potato Kimchi |

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